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God's Courtroom


On July 7th, 2007 I died.  There was a very loud bang and then I saw the brightest light I have ever seen.  I left my body and traveled through the atmosphere until I found myself in the courtroom of God.  I was with the people that I last saw.  They were three men and one woman. 

The court room was a place more beautiful that I could have imagined.  The materials were of the highest quality, the workmanship was masterful and it was spotless and without stain.  The angel of the courtroom commanded us all to stand as he introduced The Lord God as the judge.  God permitted us to be seated and requested the woman next to me to come before him.

The prosecutor rose.  He was a hideous work of the devil if not the devil himself.  It was evident that this creature loved his job.  It was his duty to send people to hell.  He presented his evidence against the woman displaying all of the sin she committed in her life.  He then rested his case.  The Lord asked the woman if she had any representation and she said, “Mary, of course.”  God asked Mary to enter the courtroom to defend her actions while on earth.  Mary said to The Father, “Lord, like all of the other’s before her, there is nothing I can do for this woman.  I am sorry.”  The Just One offered her one final opportunity to defend herself and she exclaimed all that she had done for her church and that she had repented of all sins and that she did everything she was told to do to earn her way to heaven.  The Lord’s final solemn words to the woman were, “I’m sorry.  You bring your sin with you into my courtroom and I cannot permit you to bring them with you into heaven.  You must spend eternity in hell.”  And with those words the prosecutor celebrated his victory and the courtroom became dark and cold.  Demons descended upon this poor woman and ripped her from the courtroom. 

The prosecutor announced it was time to try the man who appeared to me to be a Muslim.  The heinous demon presented the courtroom with all of the sin for which this man was responsible.  The Lord asked the man if he desired counsel.  The man requested the service of Muhammad.  God asked for Muhammad to appear and represent the defendant.  Muhammad arrived and stated, “There is nothing I can do to help this man either.”  The Lord dismissed Muhammad and offered the Muslim a final chance to save himself.  The man insisted that he prayed four times a day every day and that he ate no meat from the cloven beast and that he deserved his passage into paradise.  The Righteous One regrettably noted that he too had brought his sin into the courtroom and that he would also not be allowed into heaven.  The demonic prosecutor rejoiced as the courtroom became grim and the man’s tormented soul was removed for ever after.

The last man that was with me was called before the court.  Once again, the abhorrent prosecutor displayed before all in the court this man’s sin.  The prosecution had rested the case and the Lord presented the man with his opportunity for counsel and the man said that he had no one.  The Father stated, “In that case, what have you to say for yourself?  Is there some reason why you should be permitted into heaven?”  The man pleaded with God.  “I was a trustworthy business man and a faithful husband.  I AM a good person.”  The last words the man uttered were, “I don’t deserve hell!”  God looked at the man compassionately and stated, “Heaven is holy and without sin.  You bring your sin here with you and I cannot permit you entrance.”  The demons entered the courtroom bringing the sound of wailing and pain.  They removed the man from the seat of judgment and cast him into damnation.

I was the next called to testify on behalf of my eternity.  The accursed demon stared at me with confidence.  He exposed to the Father all I had done.  Every indecent, selfish act I had ever committed was before the Great One.  There was much for me to feel shame.  The prosecution entered into evidence sin that I owned even after I had declared my love for the Lord.  The prosecution sat in conceit as his work was finished.  God asked me if there was one that I would call upon to represent me.  I told him, “There is One.  Father, I seek the counsel of your only Son.”  God turned to the angel of the court who nodded his head and submitted to the court, “September 20, 2002 his name was written into the book of life.”  The Lord Jesus Christ entered the courtroom.  The demonic prosecutor screamed in objection, “How can the trial be fair if he is represented by the son of the judge?”  The Son stated to the Father, “This one left his sin at Calvary.  I have paid the debt of this sinner.”  God slammed the gavel down and said “Welcome to paradise, my son.”  The courtroom illuminated with beautiful sound and light and angels whisked me away to eternal glory.